FAQ - Frequently asked questions

1 - My license is not accepted, what can be wrong?

1.1 - Replacement or reinstallation of Synology NAS and license

If you migrate your Synology NAS you have to remove your licenses on your previous NAS device first. If you don't delete your licenses in a current/previous installation you cannot activate them again. So resolve this issue (in case of a hardware or harddisk crash), you can open a support ticket at Synology. Please attach your license card image and PDF invoice to the support ticket. Read more about license migration

1.2 - The Synology NAS is not connected to the internet

Please check your internet connection with the NAS, the license key cannot be activated without an internet connection. To check if the Synology NAS is correctly configured and has access to the internet, please check for DSM upgrades. If this check fails, there might be a network misconfiguration.
Please double-check your IP address, subnet-mask and default gateway network settings.

1.3 - Reboot or busy activation server

The Synology Activation servers might be busy. Also a reboot of your Synology NAS might help. So please reboot your Synology, take a cup of coffee, double-check your entered license and try again.

1.4 - Multiple use of same license key

Your Synology license is valid for one Synology NAS. Don't use your license on multiple Synology devices. The activation will fail and the license will be black-listed by Synology.

1.5 - Using the beta version of Synology Surveillance Station

If you are using the beta version of Synology Surveillance Station, please downgrade to the latest stable version.
You can now add the license keys.

2 - Why I cannot see/open my Synology license?

The license is send as an embedded image. Make sure your e-mail client accepts the embedded images. Otherwise try to view the e-mail in another e-mail client.

3 - I didn't receive my Synology license, how long does it take?

We send the license key directly after payment. Sometimes our e-mail is marked as Spam. So please check your Spam/Junk folder. In some rare cases our e-mail can be blocked by your e-mail provider. If you experience any issues please contact us, [email protected]. We will respond as soon as possible.

4 - I cannot complete my order because of a Creditcard error. What can be wrong?

I some cases the Creditcard payment is failed because of an "3-D Secure" authorisation error. Some Creditcards having difficulties with 3-D Secure (security and fraud check). We suggest to try the PayPal payment option. PayPal is using another Creditcard verification method and accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express (AMEX) and Discover Creditcards.

5 - Are there any Surveillance Station software maintenance fees?

No, a Synology surveillance station license provides lifetime upgrade subscription. There are no yearly software maintenance fees. You can always upgrade and use the latest version of Synology Surveillance software. A purchased license can also be migrated to a new Synology NAS (please note FAQ 6).

6 - How can I migrate the license to another Synology device?

Starting from version 8.2.6, Surveillance Station supports a license migration function that allows you to complete the license migration process on a Synology NAS or NVR. Read more about license migration

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