Synology Surveillance Station

The safety and security of facility environments, people, and assets are essential necessities of life. Synology surveillance solutions offer all-around monitoring options for you to guarantee maximum protection and ensuing investigations. Make your surveillance investment worth the peace of mind.


Live View

Live View allows you to monitor in real time all your IP cameras. You can access it from almost any device: PC or Mac owners can use Chrome, Firefox or IE while mobile users benefit from the free app DS cam. See things now in different perspectives!

Recording Management

Your recordings are valuable assets to you, but only when you can use them effectively. Surveillance Station offers just the right tools for you. This means you can find recordings a lot quicker and easier, search and analyze them, view them in different modes to cut down time, or export them to archive and check back later.

Camera Management

Using Surveillance Station is incredibly intuitive and effortless. Surveillance Station offers a suite of camera management tools to help you customize, deploy and maintain any kind of system. With Surveillance Station, all your cameras will fit into your surveillance infrastructure, even when a large-scale deployment is required.


DS cam is available for iOS and Android users, for free. So when you’re out, you can still monitor what’s going on in your house or office, and respond immediately to any incident. Download the apps through the official stores to received regular updates and enjoy the latest features we develop and release for Synology DiskStation users. DS cam is the mobile extension of Surveillance Station. You can view up to 6 channels simultaneously, take snapshots anytime, zoom in and adjust camera position with PTZ control, and browse through recorded events.