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Simple ordering and fast delivery of your Surveillance Station Licences, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Choose the right licence for your needs (1-pack, 4-pack or 8-pack). Add the desired number of IP cameras to your surveillance system. Order now at INNOCAM, the official Synology reseller.

synology surveillance station licence support most IP camera brands

IP Camera Support

With the Synology Surveillance Station licence, you choose from over 5400 IP cameras from more than 100 brands, including fisheye, PTZ or cloud cameras. In-depth integration with selected vendors allows more customization for specific projects.

All cameras with ONVIF are supported - Synology Surveillance Station licence

ONVIF Profile S Support

Having acquired ONVIF Profile S certification, Surveillance Station offers tight interoperability with extensive range of IP cameras that also follows this standard. System integrators and IT staff benefits from an easier selection process when planning surveillance deployment.

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All cameras with ONVIF are supported - Synology Surveillance Station licence with Cloud Support

Multiple codec support

Access your IP cameras with more universal format support. Surveillance Station now supports H.264, MJPEG, MPEG4, and MxPEG, simplifying camera installation process.

Surveillance Station Licence Packs

As your monitoring needs increase and your scale of deployment gets larger, with the official Surveillance Station Licence from Synology, you will be ready for the expansion. Optimised and flexible Synology Camera Licence packs (1-pack, 4-pack, and 8-pack) are available for you to add more IP cameras to your Surveillance Station network. Add one Synology Device Licence for each camera you add.

More than 9 years as an official Synology partner

Innocam has been a trusted Synology partner since 2010. Choose Innocam as your partner. We have always strived for better products and services, and we will give you a higher level of service. Send us an email, or give us a call, we're here during business hours (GMT +1 hour timezone) and speak English fluently.

How to install

Installing the licence is easy. Read more about installing the Synology licence packs. In Surveillance Station, go to Main Menu > licences and click on Add. The Installation Wizard will show you how to securely add devices to your Surveillance Station. If it is not working, get in touch with Synology for manual migration of your licence (i.e, in the event of a broken HDD).


Protect your business, home, and other environments with a 24/7 IP-camera system. The Synology Surveillance Station delivers what you need for a user friendly management system to keep your valuable property and assets safe. Should you have any questions about Synology Surveillance Licences, refer to our FAQ or contact us right away via [email protected].